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Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi Shalita - Bechukotai Tasha't - EN




Message from Rabbi Nir Ben-Artzi Shalita

Parashat Bechukotai, Tasha't

Delivered on Sunday, 14 Yahar Tasha’t (19.5.19) | 8:30


"If you follow my decrees and are careful to obey my commands, I will send you rain in its season, and the ground will yield its crops and the trees their fruit." (Leviticus 26: 3-4).  

The Holy One, blessed be He, asks the people of Israel, from the Jews who said, "We shall do and we will hear," to fulfill the Ten Commandments and the 613 laws. The Holy One, blessed be He, offered to all nations the Torah. The nations asked what was written in it, and no nation was prepared to accept and fulfill the Ten Commandments. The only people who did not ask what is written are the people of Israel who said, 'We will do and we will hear.' From that moment the Holy One, Blessed be He, chose them to be His people and gave them the Ten Commandments. No one can fulfill the Ten Commandments and 613 laws fully, but everyone must do the maximum effort.

All the problems that come to a Jew in this world - he brings them to himself. Evil does not come from the Holy One, blessed be He. The Jewish person determines, according to his actions, how much good he will receive from the Holy One, blessed be He. If he does evil, evil will return to him. A person determines for himself what he will have in this world. Everything is in the hands of heaven except for the fear of heaven, except for the free choice of man to choose between good or evil. To choose the Holy One, blessed be He, purity and holiness, or, God forbid impurity. Everything is open to you and you will choose blessing and life.

The Holy One, blessed be He, wanted to dwell within the people of Israel, within the children of Israel, to be their King, and they would be His people. The people of Israel are very lovable to the Holy One, blessed be He, He loves them very much and wants to prove them and lead them in the righteous way - like a father loving his son, out of his love for him, always holding the scepter in his hand, leading him in the right way. As it is written, "For whom the Lord loves He corrects,
Just as a father the son in whom he delights" (Proverbs 3:12). Whoever does not have the love of Holy One, Blessed be He, He removes from him rebuke, He removes from him the scepter. Out of His love for Israel, His scepter is always in His hand to lead them. I hated Esau, so I removed the scepter from him, I removed the rebuke. The rebuke to the Jewish people of Israel came to help them go the right way. The Holy One, Blessed be He, knows that there is evil inclination in the human body, and if one is not tested, he goes in the wrong way. It is easier to be tempted into the crooked road than to go the good way. The best way is prayer, Torah study, the observance of the Ten Commandments and 613 laws, acts of kindness, the giving of donations and tithes, this is the best way to bond with the Holy One, Blessed be He. These are things that are difficult for a person to observe and a great effort must be made to observe them. It's easy to be stingy, you do not have to make the effort to be possessive, to keep and lock the money in your wallet, but it closes luck and life in this world. It is harder to give charity, donations and tithes. To do this, one has to make an effort, but when a person contributes, he revives the world and the world revives him. The donor will be enriched so that he can give more, and the miser stumbles, wrinkles and ends. The Jewish people are a nation of grace and giving, which is what the Holy One, blessed be He, wants.

The Holy One, blessed be He, wants to do good to the people of Israel. From the mouth of the highest shall evil not come forth, only sins will result in punishments The Holy One, Blessed be He, does not punish, the person himself brings the punishments upon him. His bad deeds are bringing bad to him. Prayer and Torah study open worlds to bond with the Holy One, blessed be He. A person who flees from prayer, who does not observe the Ten Commandments and does not observe the 613 laws, goes from bad to worse and closes himself until he is finished from the world, in this world and in the next world.

The Holy One, blessed be He, gives great clues to the people of Israel not to go abroad. There are many righteous people buried in Israel, there are also righteous men and women in Israel. How can it be that we mention the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob three times a day in the eighteenth prayer, and go abroad to the graves of the righteous that are not even there. Jacob asked to be buried next to his grandfather and father in the Cave of the Patriarchs in order not to be buried in the soil unclean, Joseph too. All the righteous in the world who were buried outside the Land of Israel, the Holy One, blessed be He, promised them that they would be under the Cave of the Patriarchs. The bone called Luz passes through tunnels and arrives within a year, from anywhere in the world, to the Land of Israel, to the Cave of the Patriarchs. Anyone with eyes in his head understands, someone who does not want to understand, lives in  illusions.

All the members of the Knesset are in a terrible situation, they do not see or hear, they are in the dark. They cause themselves and the Knesset to be like the Tower of Babel. Everyone takes care of himself and of his interests. There is no grace, no giving, and no consideration, there is greed. The Holy One, blessed be He, says: This greed will cause the Tower of Babel to be among the hundred and twenty members of the Knesset. The Creator wants to be moderate, to consider each other and to allow the right to form and strengthen a right-wing government, without harming any Jew or any member of the Knesset. Every Knesset member will accept the job given to him and will be very happy. Members of Knesset role are to serve the Holy Land and the people of Israel. You're not there to fight and argue about chairs, that's not what you were chosen for. Each role is more important than the other and there is no role or portfolio in the government that is not important. There's no better minister, you think that way, but it's not true. The right should stop eating each other. The left should stop eating each other. The right and the left will stop eating each other, you were chosen to serve the Holy Land and the Jews who are in the Land of Israel and the Holy One, blessed be He, over you, He chooses each and every one. The leaders of the parties that will interfere with the right to exist will have very big problems  with the Holy One, blessed be He, very big with the Holy One, blessed be He, will not give them rest.  The Creator has chosen the Right - go  with the Right! Do not do all kinds of combinations and ask for unnecessary requests. There is no way to hold elections again and throw billions of shekels into garbage, you must feel sorry for the people of Israel money!  

The entire world appreciates the Jews who live in the Land of Israel, Judaism, the Torah, the prayers in the synagogues, the yeshivot, the Western Wall of the Jewish people, and some of the Jews do not appreciate themselves. Gentiles have respect for the Land of Israel and for Jews who live in the Land of Israel. They hate Jews living abroad. Eight billion non-Jews in the world hate Jews living abroad. Just as the Egyptians hated the Israelites in Egypt, the women and the men, so now too, the gentiles hate the Jews who live abroad and expel them so that they come to live in the Holy Land of Israel.

In the Land of Israel everything is good, they are inventing the best patents in the world, and there is plenty of rains of blessing in abundance. They shot about 700 missiles into the Land of Israel and almost nothing happened, what happened was to atone for the generation. It was the Creator who stopped the war in the Gaza Strip on Monday morning, not anyone else The Creator has closed the minds of Hamas, the jihad and the Palestinians, they themselves do not know how the war stopped. If the war in the Gaza Strip did not stop, it would continue until this moment. They have thousands of missiles that reach a distance of 130 kilometers.

Iranian scientists  are in the Gaza Strip, helping them manufacture long-range missiles.  

Hamas, Jihad and the Palestinians we cannot trust any word. They sat quietly and calm this week, before the Eurovision Song Contest, because they were afraid that they would be accused of disturbing the delegations that came to Israel, and Europe and the world would close all the taps.

Egypt, Sisi does all the actions in favor of Egypt and for peace in the world. The US protects Egypt and gives money, and Israel protects Sisi. Sisi is smarter than all the presidents who were in Egypt.

Jordan is full of refugees, eating it and eating it and eating it. Their king is confused, does not know what to do with himself, waiting for the Americans.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah nothing would help him, he is going crazy with himself. He is afraid of Russia that is in favor of  Israel, he does not have Syria that died and he does not have Iran, he cannot get ammunition and missiles from it.

Iran cannot do anything directly to Israel, they are afraid of Israel. They continue on this  way  to disturb Israel not directly.

US  do not want wars, want peace in the world. Trump came to make peace in the world. Through economic threat they break the countries to repent. If there is no choice, force is used.

Russia they also do not want Iran to be a new power, because the Iranian regime is dangerous and hot and has no control over itself.  

North Korea want to connect to the US because they have nothing to eat. They will have to make peace with the US in order to have a good economy and have something to eat.

Turkey, Erdogan is under the control of Isis " and  the revolution in Turkey continues. How much Erdogan can hide all the things he hides, in the end they will discover everything.

Syria is destroyed and destroyed, there is no peace and no quiet, every day killing and killing, bombing and shelling.  

Lebanon want peace, they have a good relationship with Israel.  

Iraq is busy with her troubles, there is no justice and no judge. The US is helping it to recover.

Every country in the world that wishes to harm Israel, speak defamatory statements about Israel, slander the Land of Israel, or take parts of the Land of Israel - will receive immediately hard blows through the elements.

Natural disasters are continuing and will continue, earthquakes, floods, eruptions of volcanoes, fire, storms and storms, heat and cold. Aircraft will continue to get in trouble, fall apart, crash and  ships, cars, buses and trains also.

Anti-Semitism is growing, growing and growing,  like an octopus. It will not stop until the last Jew immigrates to the Land of Israel. Jews who are real Jews - don’t try  to be wise with the Holy One, blessed be He. The Creator gives you hints: The Gentiles disturb you in making circumcisions, disturb you to put a skullcap on your head, disturb you to pray, and disturb you from visiting the tombs of the righteous abroad, so  understand His hints! The Holy One, Blessed be He, wants you to come to Holy Land! Thousands of Jews receive blows from the gentiles every day and do not speak. Go up to the Holy Land of Israel, your father and mother are here and feel like sons of kings. After the destruction of the Temples, the Holy One, Blessed be He, exiled most of the Jews abroad, thousands of years passed and the Holy One, Blessed be He, calls upon all to immigrate to the Land of Israel! It is time for your redemption so that you will have the right to live next to our Messiah in the Temple.

Messiah is in a difficult period. As the fetus leaves and is released from the umbilical cord, the Messiah disconnects and now rises and falls, rises and falls, like the lights  of dawn that hides and is revealed. This is the situation now before the revelation of King Messiah. The situation in the country affects the spirit of the whole world, down and up, there are fluctuations. Messiah has the upper hand! The Holy One, Blessed be He, promised in this generation and so it will be! Yes, there will be Messiah in our generation!

No one can disturb Messiah to act and be revealed to the people of Israel. Messiah does God's will with great joy. Messiah in every situation works with the Holy One, blessed be He, with good will. The Creator of the world brought Messiah, flesh and blood, half angel, so that he would have mercy on the people of Israel and connect heaven and earth. The Creator of the world speaks through Messiah, speaks immediately automatically through his throat, and Messiah comes out and speaks. This is the Holy One, blessed be He, speaking from his throat. Messiah has nothing from himself, he receives everything from the Holy One, blessed be He, from A to Z. Despite the heavy suffering that goes through Messiah, he continues and continues to do God's will and save every Jew and Jew, by hook or by crook. Messiah is already here acting strongly and a lot are aware of him. He knows he is the Messiah. People will look at the person called Messiah in heaven and earth and feel that he is the Messiah, he will light and awaken their souls. When the soul awakens and illuminates, all the peels of man fall and fall and happiness of the heart and in the eyes will enter the person and he will be happy and liberated. This is Messiah, he illuminates the eyes of Israel, illuminates the hearts of Israel and the souls of Israel. Whoever is close to Messiah will have miracles and wonders, even though there will be disasters and harsh things throughout the world. The whole world has gone mad, natural disasters and chaos, and where the Messiah is, all is quiet and calm. Even the righteous that are in the Land of Israel now will have to embrace urgently Messiah, to his soul. If they do not, they too might get into trouble with the heavy Sitra Achra (evil inclination). Messiah is the light of this world! Messiah will take care of this world to turn him into a world of mercy, goodness, free love and only good within the people of Israel and the entire world. Diseases and troubles will stop and a good life will be forever!


Courtesy of the site : "Tairneri"

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